Learning Walks

Why not visit our schools for a first hand experience of Creative Learning Technologies, International Mindedness or Effect Marking and Assessment without levels?

At New Wave Education Teaching Alliance we have created a simple but effective learning experience that takes away the chores of traditional learning technologies. Simple, intuitive and effective are the key principles behind the implementation of the ‘technology for learning’ vision across the Alliance.

The schools within the Alliance have lead the way in its development of learning technologies across the curriculum, with deployment of iPad devices along with AppleTV as a learning solution that allows the use of 21st Century learning resources and streamlined productivity in a educational setting.


Maths Learning Walk

Our innovative Maths programs are based on research and a pedagogy that balances conceptual understanding with arithmetic fluency. The new national curriculum asks for a ‘mastery’ approach to the teaching of Mathematics. What does that look like? Come and find out.

IPC Learning Walk

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is used across our schools to enhance our curriculum. IPC is effective in enabling pupils to apply skills and knowledge acquired in English, Maths, Science and other curriculum areas in a purposeful and concrete way.

Computing Learning Walk

Our own Computing Curriculum has been designed from scratch by our own Master Teachers, Lead Practitioners and Apple Distinguished Educator to reflect the skills required for the 21st Century across a range of disciplines to give context to creativity and coding.

ASD @ The Garden

Nowadays, it seems as if most people either know, or know of, someone whose life is affected by autism.

Phonics Learning Walk

Our Phonics programme is taught daily in Reception and Key Stage 1. Children enjoy their lessons immensely and rapidly learn a very complex alphabetical code which they apply to their reading and writing.
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